Rumah Sakit Umum Brigjen H. Hasan Basri Kandangan


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Nama lain : RSU. Brigjen H. Hasan Basri Kandangan

Website :

Alamat : Jl. Jend. Sudirman, Kandangan – Kalimantan Tengah

Kota : Kandangan

Propinsi : KAL-SEL

Nomer Telpon : 0517 21653

Fax : 0517 21653

Tahun Berdiri : 1950

Kepemilikan : pemkab

Tipe RS : C

Fasilitas :

  • Medical Check Up
  • Dokter Umum
  • Dokter Gigi
  • Dokter Spesialis/Sub-Spesialis
  • Anak
  • Bedah
  • Kebidanan & Kandungan
  • Penyakit Dalam
  • X-Ray
  • USG
  • ECG
  • Konsultasi Gizi
  • Farmasi
  • UGD 24 Jam
  • Rawat Jalan
  • Rawat Inap
  • Kamar Bedah
  • ICU
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  1. retro 4 oreo

    I have a friend who just recently went to Haiti to help the victims. My friend is a Nursing major and while he was there he provided health care and needs for the patients and victims. He said that it was an incredible experience that truly opened his eyes and mind into a whole new perspective. Seeing the victims first-hand can really make you think differently about yourself and your actions when it comes to being appreciative and selfless. I think it would be quite an experience to physically go volunteer and help the victims in any way possible, and it is definately something that I personally would like to get involved in and will be looking into. I give my full support to anyone out there who has been, or who plans to be involved in taking these actions to help these victims in Haiti as well as victims of hunger and suffering anywhere else throughout the world.
    retro 4 oreo

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